Liberty Pole Spirits 

Creating a greater purpose, with more focus, and increasing monthly revenue

The Challenge

Liberty Pole Spirits is a family owned business run by 4 family members, Jim, Ellen, Rob & Kevin Hough. Just as many businesses operate, Liberty Pole Spirits' believed that each of them should all be involved in all aspects of the business, which is a natural place to start. 


They were more focused working "in" the business and less focused working "on" the business. 


Keeping up with demand meant less time spent on strategy and planning for growth. A small family business was quickly turning into a craft distillery enterprise, which require more organization, strong foundations, and systems and process to make scaling less stressful. 

After the 90-Day Program


1. More Focus
(less stress)

Most business owners can't find the time they need to focus on the important - scaling their business. 


The Hough's were able to find more time to focus on the important:

  • Focused Time. We optimized their time management to be laser-focus on growth strategy. 

  • Focused Market. Instead of trying to attract EVERYONE. We taught them how to get really good at attracting just one or two niche audiences to gain more market share. 

  • Focused Products. We uncovered their core product that best aligned with their core customer, with the best margins, in order to scale faster. 

  • Focused Team. Before Focus First, they did not have clearly defined roles and did not know what positions they needed to grow. We help them with this and forming a more cohesive and happy team. 

2. Purpose, 
Direction & Clarity

Business owners without a clear purpose or direction tend to stay at "status quo" and never seem to get "over the hump" and find the freedom and profit they want.  


The Houghs were able to overcome all of this:

  • Clear Values, Purpose & Vision. By defining their values and understanding what inspires them everyday, we were able to build a beautiful vision for incredible future success, aligned with their personal goals. 

  • 1-3-10 Killer Strategy. In a systematic way we build out the theme for the next year, quarterly targets and detailed the 3- and 10-year plan that this would fuel.  

3. Systems & Processes

It is near impossible for a business to scale successfully without clearly defined systems and processes. 


Liberty Pole Spirits came away with several "done-for-them" process as well as defining others that we worked on together. 

  • Focused Marketing Plan. Discovered the marketing channel that would yield the biggest results and put all efforts into one channel, while allowing other marketing channels to complement. 

  • Scalable Sales System. We redefined their sales process and aligned it to better fit the needs of their customers, creating a better customer experience.  A sales system that will scale as they do. 

  • Run the Business by the Numbers.  By transitioning them to use a Key Performance Indicator tracking system, they could make decisions based on intelligence rather than logic and opinion alone. 

  • Strategic Planning System.  It's important to have a strategy but hard to maintain. Without system the Hough's could focus on strategy weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. 

Real Results

During the program and after completing it, Liberty Pole Spirits experienced tangible results in a short amount of time. 

  • 20% Increase in Revenues. After focusing efforts on the highest margin products. Liberty Pole experienced a 20% month-over-month increase.

  • Increased Projected Annual Revenue by 20-30%. With  just a few small "tweaks" to their numbers, and by adding a simple upsell strategy, they were able to increase the average spend of their customers by 20-25% - having a potential compound effect on their annual revenue. 

  • Achieving More in Less Time. By focusing on what each family member was most passionate about, we were able to assign responsibility so there was less of a "everyone pitch in" culture and changed that into having them hold each poterh accountabile. This achieved more in less time; 

  • Clarity & Direction. Before working with us, Liberty Pole was focused on producing their product. After working with us they gained clarity on how to scale their business, and the specific path to get there.


What The Hough's Had to Say About the Focus First 12 Week Program:

We highly recommend Geoff Skadra and the Focus First Program to anyone struggling to scale their business.


He will custom tailor his program to meet your needs and to focus on scaling your business and scaling your profit. 

Ellen Hough, Co-Owner






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