About Focus First

Hi. I'm Geoff Skadra

I love finding creative solutions to business problems. I founded Focus First Business Advisors with the vision that business owners should be able to focus on what they love, and scale faster and with less stress. 

Creative Problem-solver, Dad, Husband, Motivated, Laser-Focused. 


Throughout my life, I’ve been an artist, a designer, a wedding videographer, a marketer, and an entrepreneur. I've worked with Fortune 500 companies and big government agencies like NASA.

The one thing in common for all of these roles has been my love for taking a complex problem and simplifying it into a process that works repeatedly.


At Focus First Business Advisors, I apply this idea to the companies I work with to solve their performance gaps and help them become more successful, faster.

Business is Tough

During my career, I have owned and operated several businesses and like many others, I struggled to work “in” my business, instead of “on” my business.  I worked long hours, had many sleepless nights, struggled with cash flow, and ultimately this led to anxiety and stress problems which affected my family life.


However, instead of giving up, I kept at it, learned from my mistakes and became successful, and learned how to do it with less stress so I could sleep better at night.  I sold this business, and have since started others with the same success, applying focus every time. 

Get control of your business!

Grow faster with focus. 

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many businesses. Time and time again I saw business owners put misguided focus into their companies. They were working on the wrong problems,  lacked systems and processes, felt out of control and spent more time working “in” their business and not wanting to let go.


My personal mission is to help more business owners scale their business faster and easier by developing successful habits, focused direction, and streamlined processes. My goal is to help you realize your visions and improve your work/life balance so that you can grow, faster, easier, consistently...and without feeling overwhelmed. That’s right, less stress, not more.

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